White Nights Conference 2018


Dear Clarion and Contech staff members!

First of all, let me please thank you and all your colleagues who helped us with the event. Overall, the event went really well, all the provided services were of high quality and good timing.

Catering was very good, the food and drinks were great, all the attendees enjoyed them. The work of catering team was also very good. Thank you for that!

I would like to say a separate and a very big Thank you to Bara who was super helpful during all the preparations and the event itself. Whatever we needed she gave us all the answers and professional assistance immediately. It was pure pleasure working with her. If possible, we would really recommend giving her some extra bonus or days off since she really deserved it!

Regarding the Contech services, together we improved the AV, Internet and other related areas during preparations which was very useful. All Contech staff were really open for discussions and helpful, we had a few Skype calls during prepaprions to discuss details. The team offered several options for the banners and Wi Fi which was really appreciated. The Wi Fi this year was very good, I haven't heard about any complaints from exhibitors or attendees. Banners for Green Hall and Blue Hall were ok, however, the banner for Purple Hall was not, unfortunately since the Kepler room has lower ceiling but the banners were prepared of the same size as for other halls. I would like to personally thank Eva, Simon and Martin, too. We still have areas for improvement for next year and we would be glad to discuss them.

Once again, the overall result of the event is totally positive and we are very glad to have an opportunity to hold our conference in Clarion for the second time and we would like to return the next year. 

Thank you!
Best regards,
Liza Voronkova
White Nights Conference